Hi! I'm Mahmoud Abdelkader (pronounced mæħˈmuːd æbdəlkeɪdər), but, my usual nickname is mahmoudimus.

Welcome to my Hacker Moleskine!

I'm a software engineer living in San Francisco, CA. I'm the co-founder and CTO of Balanced Payments, a graduate of the Y-Combinator Winter of 2011 class.

I was formerly the 4th engineer at, which was acquired by eBay in December 2010 — it is still functioning today, powering the eBay Local initiative.

Before that, I worked as a high-frequency trading engineer at Wells Fargo Securities in New York City.

I'm passionate about hypermedia/RESTful APIs, web development, open source, and Python — although, I love learning new languages.

I'm a die hard emacs user.

If you want to contact me, my footer has all the usual communication mediums. You'll most likely find me hanging out on the #balanced irc channel on freenode helping developers with their Balanced integrations.

command center

note my command center, filled with my tower of Coke Zero:)

nothing to see here, move along now. incoming soon!